Public Areas for Walk

   American park design was strongly influenced by European traditions of landscape architecture (English and Italian) until half-way to the twentieth century. Originally, first generation European immigrants built parks in North America according to the principles they had learned at their home states. Hereafter, American landscape architects knew about landscape architecture from European textbooks. America started to lead in modern garden and landscape design after 1950. The lead came from the landscape architecture profession, which had a wider involvement with garden design in the United States than in most other countries, where landscape architects have tended to concentrate on public open space projects. American landscape architects got ahead also in city planning. United States of America are the only country in the world where two presidents (Jefferson and Washington) have had a significant involvement in landscape architecture (rather as kings did in Europe). The North American continent is large with a very varied topography so it is unsurprising that the native flora is also very varied for making special public locations to walk there, hike or simply relax. One can save money with Travelocity coupon codes online and travel to North America any time. Health research recognizes everyday outdoor being in nature as a powerful preventive strategy for healthy childhood development, including protection against population fattiness. A generation ago playing outdoors in nature was usually taken for granted; but times have changed. Now, nature must be deliberately designed back into human lives. In today’s urban and suburban environments, natural spaces are often too remotely located for visiting on a regular basis. The industrial park equipment model based solely on manufactured equipment is being recalibrated. The location is nice. A greater diversity of use opportunities is desired to extend curricular activity in schools and to meet the needs of a broader range of children and their families in parks. The integration of natural components helps fulfill these needs as well as creating richer life experiences for all users. Charles County Park answers all requirements.

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