Design Ideas

   Landscape architects do not recommend historic ’styles’ as a basis for park design. This is because natural parks were made under different climatic, conceptual and technical conditions. But they are very much in favor of regimentation historic parks in the style to which they were common or garden. You would not want to see medium density fiberboard in a historic museum and you would not be glad to meet modern hybrid plants in an important historic garden. “Use only the best” is the principal hope of the customers that does not mean for executives 'use the most expensive'. Unbound shingle well located and teamed, is a material of the highest quality. But fabricated mustard is a disgraceful material though it can have the charm of fresh snow when laid but deteriorates thereafter. The same situation is ostensible with grass which is an excellent natural material. Fut plastic is extraneous item in parks and gardens. This is not a problem point of modern material vise old natural materials. Stainless steel and laminated glass or boards, for example, are modern materials of high quality. The attrition resistance and the aging process are in the focus of watching. Lead and stone grow old gracefully. Concrete and plastic do not develop a slightly patina, they merely deteriorate. The purpose of landscape architects is to create a perceptible result in the standard park development process by deliberately designing nature back into human’s lives, not only to benefit people’s physical presence but also to engage communities in walking together to create richer life experiences for all users. Leaving nature in parks is a comprehensive program that provides best practice guidelines for creating and retrofitting human presence environments for parks that integrate manufactured train equipment and the living landscape. It is good for public. We learn to interact with each other and our natural surroundings — climbing trees, swinging on branches, playing sport games, or enjoying the quiet contemplation of leaves floating down a stream. Elements of nature create wizard expressions of childhood contemplating about the world. Like children throughout the ages, we experienced the universal childhood delights of discovery and fascination set free by measureless imaginations and informal play in nature in a few square feet or in the large woody park. People like Charles County Park very much – they walk much, do exercises, and have a rest.

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